live sound engineer
live sound engineer


Audio Engineer


Hi, I’m Johanne, a FOH live mixer based in Paris, France. 

I've been in the music industry for about 10 years, and I specialise in rock, alternative and pop music. 

I started working as a stage technician and then specialised in wireless equipment, as it is often required for monitor assistants. I discovered touring as an A2 and then quickly started to work with rising bands alongside that. I had the chance to evolve in two very different environments : on one hand, bar gigs, having to make compromises and often coming up with DIY solutions. And on the other hand, being part of the house crew in large venues, stadiums and festivals with all the range of gear that comes with it and the meticulous workflows. I like to think that cutting my teeth on a wide variety of jobs allowed me to be versatile, like being familiar with drum tuning as well as RF coordination. 

I now tour with various rock and pop artists, mixing from 300 to 3000 capacity venues to big outdoor festivals. 

Adding to this, I occasionally work as a record engineer. I really enjoy how we can combine or adapt techniques from both studio and live environments.

Aside from its technical part, what I love about this job is to build an artist's live sound together and to develop the right setup for them. I really enjoy nerding out about gear, but I love it even more when we're having fun in the process and we keep it creative. 

Call me and let’s work together!



MacBook Pro M2 (2023)

FOH rack with Live Professor + plugins (Waves Essential Bundle (100+ plugins) + Valhalla + FabFilters + Universal Audio + Slate Digital + SSL)

ProTools Studio (latest licence)

Smaart Suite v9 + measurement mic

DVS licence

Set of mics and tools

French Driver's Licence (B)


Training Sessions & Certificates

June 2021 IEM Mixing TP (Arkalya)

Oct 2020 Dante Certification Level 2 (Audinate)

Nov 2019 PA System Engineering TP (INAsup)

Nov 2018 Operating Motors Rigging & Safety (Ubitech)

Sept 2017 RF Coordination TP (CFPTS)

2012 - 2014 Associate Degree/HND in Audio Engineering

Resume available on request